Motifs & Special Touches

The personality of your tallit is enhanced through the special touches and motifs that Merrie adds to the design. Shown here are examples of embroidered and handprinted motifs that can adorn the four corners and the atarah (prayer neck band). Merrie also uses traditional quilting and applique techniques, embroidery, and calligraphy. Hand-tied tzitzit (fringes) become the finishing touches to each tallit. Tahalet (blue string) are also available.

Colors and Fabrics

Merrie works with precious fibers – silk duppionis, raw silks, linens, cottons. A large selection of fabrics and colors are available to design your one-of-a-kind tallit. Fabric choices can be as simple as an off-white silk, or as decorative as a fabric woven with gold threads. Some limited-edition fabrics are shown here. Please keep in mind that colors are not accurate here so swatches will be provided when Merrie begins working with you. Mixing and matching fabrics, following traditional halakic practices, is encouraged! Merrie can incorporate heirloom fabrics, such as a piece from a family tallit, or a relative’s tablecloth, or a specific fabric memorabilia. Please email to discuss your ideas or to have Merrie suggest some special touches for you.

Handpainted Effects

A quilter and fabric artist, Merrie can incorporate handprinted and appliqued fabrics into your tallit design. Traditional stripes can be sewn on in contrasting fabrics, or painted directly on to background fabric. Painted effects can create non-traditional striped fabrics. Some samples of handpainted techniques are shown here. Other special touches can include ribbons and tapes, as well as embroidery to embellish the design. The possibilities are limitless!